She may have a few more months left before she gives birth to her baby girl, but surprisingly, it’s not Kourtney Kardashian who’s getting antsy… it’s her two-year-old son Mason!

The reality star tells Rachael Ray, in an interview airing on The Rachael Ray Show tomorrow, that Mason has become “obsessed” with being a big brother and can’t wait to meet his little sister. “He’s really excited,” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star said of Mason. “Yesterday, he was talking about how he’s excited to hold her and he’s been like, recently obsessed with babies.”

Kourtney, who is currently in New York with her beau Scott Disick and sister Kim Kardashian, is loving pregnancy this time around, althogh she admits she’s having some crazy cravings! “I remember when I first got pregnant with Mason… I wanted fruit and frozen yogurt and all this [healthy] stuff, and this time it’s like cheeseburgers, sour cream and onion chips and double-stuffed Oreos,” Kourtney admits to Rachael.