Making the most of her Monday afternoon, Kourtney Kardashian took to the streets of Miami, Florida in search of a new location for her DASH boutique today (October 22).

Joined by her assistant, the Kourtney donned peach pants, an orange top, and sunglasses as she checked out several spots in the South Beach neighborhood.

And it sounds like Kourtney has been making all the right moves on her journey to drop her baby weight from being pregnant with her daughter Penelope.

Citing edamame as her snack of choice, she shared, “When I’m here around the house, I just eat healthy. After I had Mason and was breastfeeding, I craved sweets, so I ate a box of Nilla Wafers a day. But I haven’t done that this time.”

Kourtney also took a break from real estate shopping to grab lunch with boyfriend Scott Disick, at Sugarcane Bar and Grill in Miami.

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